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The Summit - Local Music - All the Time

Dave Rich

     Dave has played in bands like Houseguest, Beyonderers, as well as Doug Gillard of Guided By Voices' backing band. The pandemic of 2020 forced him to finally learn how to semi-properly record his songs at home, and now he can't stop.

     In early 2022 he put out "David's Game," an instrumental guitar record that paid homage to the terrible shred albums he listened to in high school. He followed this up with his first full vocal album "Strategic Laments + Baseball" in the summer of 2023.

     His next record, "Lethargic Bark" comes out on October 23rd, 2023, with two more albums scheduled for release before the end of the year. He has 4 or five more planned for 2024.

Chris Butler

     Mr. Butler is a musical legend, having been part of bands like Tin Huey and the Waitresses, as well as releasing a steady stream of solo albums over the years.

     He has his own well-deserved Wikipedia page. You definitely know his songs even if you don't know that he wrote them. For some reason he has agreed to play drums for Dave.

     Learn more about how Chris conquered the horrendous beast that is the music business here: https://www.spiritmusicgroup.com/clients/chris-butler-the-waitress/

Dave Giffels

     David Giffels has fronted multiple bands over the decades (The Difficult, chief among them) but is probably best known as a writer and author. His books have focused on all kinds of topics, such as a detailed history of the band Devo and building his own high-quality coffin.

     He really should have his own Wikipedia page. For some reason he has agreed to play bass for Dave. Learn more about David here: https://www.davidgiffels.com/


"Friday Mike" Wilkenson

     Friday Mike has been the secret weapon of many bands over the years. He has the ability to harmonize with anything and unleash both tasteful leads and / or blasts of noise on the guitar.

     He splits his time between enabling Dave and playing bass and singing in the band Glenn Lazear. He should probably be the one fronting this band.